Before you buy a home security system, compare our service! D1 Security is a local full service security company and we are passionate about delivering an extremely high level of customer service.

Security Licence SA43455

Installation is Critical

D1 Security technicians are police licensed professionals that treat your home with respect. Our technicians receive extensive product training, and when they install a security system, customers can expect professional installation and cleanup. They know exactly how to locate security sensors in your home for the best protection.

Employee Background Checks for Added Safety

You need to be careful when it comes to letting people into your home. All D1 Security employees undergo thorough background checks. Plus, our police licensed employees go through an additional fingerprint background check to ensure state compliance, where required. We take your personal security seriously and carefully screen each employee being sent to your home-whether it be for installation, service or consultation.

Why Choose Us?



Professional Security Monitoring is Essential

If your alarm goes off, our team will immediately contact authorised key holders and if required local authorities for a rapid response. Our security monitoring services are grade A1 standard.