IP Camera vs Analog Camera

IP Camera Footage

Analog Camera Footage

Remote access puts you in control of your business and home security system at all times, day or night—from anywhere.
All you need is your laptop, smartphone or tablet to keep a close watch over the important people and things in your life.
We offer high resolution video surveillance systems with features that make them easy to use.

Video plays an important role in the prosecution of criminals, a video surveillance record makes it easy to document what happened and lets you review events at your convenience.

Analog to IP/Digital Video

D1 Security can help you upgrade legacy video equipment to a modern digital system

Video Surveillance Systems that Protect and Connect

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Cctv Security Systems

IP or Network CCTV systems offer huge benefits over their analogue counterparts. As well as being scalable, easy to integrate and cost effective, modern IP cameras produce unparalleled quality in high definition video and offer the opportunity to integrate with other systems and intelligent video analytics software. Our IP CCTV systems offer:

High Definition CCTV (Closed circuit television) is the number one deterrent in reducing crime, it is used to protect your home, business and public spaces. Its use in town and city centres has seen a rapid reduction in crime and more significantly and increase in convictions. CCTV is considered to be the most effective method of reducing crime.

More and more businesses and organisations recognise the value of CCTV as an aid to providing a record of events, increasing staff efficiency and reducing staff theft. D1 Security installs a wide range of CCTV cameras, CCTV management and recording equipment and will advise you on the best options for your specific requirements.

  • Remote accessibility
  • High image quality
  • Event management and intelligent video


The main advantage of an IP based system over analogue CCTV is clear – literally! After all, the whole point of a Video Surveillance System is to see exactly what is going on. How many times have you heard about or seen grainy footage of a perpetrator committing a crime that was taken by a traditional CCTV system? Most often you can’t make out more than a fuzzy form and the images are useless to law enforcement. The fact is that traditional CCTV cameras have reached the end of their evolution and can not compete with high resolution Digital IP Surveillance Cameras.

  • Easy, future-proof integration
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness