Security Licence SA43455




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Other benefits:
* Secure Private IP Network, dedicated for alarm monitoring only

* Up to 3 alarm reporting paths, GPRS IP-1, GPRS IP-2 and PSTN-4

* Remote acknowledgement of all dialler alarm events

* Fixed monthly running cost network plans tailored to suit level of risk

Grade A1 Alarm Monitoring Facility

Residential & Business Alarm Monitoring Service

D1 Security engages a local Grade A1 Alarm Monitoring facility dedicated to providing quality of service to all our monitored customers.

All staff and facilities are based in Western Australia and as such are familiar with local conditions, suburbs and any current events which may affect your premises.
Having local knowledge they can assist in providing a professional guard service to visit your home if the need arises. They can also assist you in the operation of your alarm system and advice on security precautions.

Our first priority is in providing a quality reliable service to you the customer. They pride themselves on being helpful and willing to assist you in any way they can. They are available 24 hrs a day 365 days a year.

Direct Wireless

Direct Wireless, it is a stand alone unit which can connect to existing alarm control panels to deliver high grade wireless alarm monitoring to over 95% of the Australian population.

It is ideal for high risk sites as it is constantly polled and has multiple communication paths.

NBN ready. No phone line required. No transmission costs