Home Security

Secure your home and family with monitored intrusion protection.

Our 24/7 professional local monitoring center will address alarms immediately to ensure that help is on the way.

Protect Your Home & Family

Home Security & Automation


Protect your home with the latest technology.
Our all digital, 2GIG wireless cellular system opens the door to remote home control!

Home Automation

Use your computer or smartphone to remotely access and control your home security system, household lighting, door locks, cameras and video.

Complete Home Security Systems

D1 Security alarm systems will provide you with total peace of mind. Our home security packages have everything you need to keep you, your family and your property safe, and with add-ons that provide extra protection you can take control in the way that suits you best.

All our residential security systems are customized to fit your home and your needs. They can be monitored 24/7 at our central monitoring facility, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that we’ve got your back at all times.

Intrusion & Personal Safety

Our motion sensors don’t just detect movement; they go the extra mile and can be equipped with cameras too. This means that when movement is detected in your home when there should be none, your image sensors will send you a color photo so you can be sure it’s not just your child forgetting to disarm the alarm system.

Our door and window alarms detect break-ins, and our optional glass break sensors are prepared for all situations; if intruders bypass the usual sensors by breaking the glass as opposed to picking the locks, the glass break sensors will sound an alarm.

Like all of our home security systems, you can customize your system devices to meet your needs.



Security Licence SA43455